We Make Functional garments

We like products that come with terms. Terms like
scratch-resistant, protective, anti-microbial, waterproof, shock-absorbing, & durable

Thanks to forty years in the durable medical equipment field, we know the materials that can make your idea something leap off the drawing board. Whether your product shields against radiation, neutralizes odors, or hardens on impact, we can work it out.

Substance over style

We don't make coats, or pants, or dresses, or shirts...
We happen to think our jeans work just as well as they did when we bought them five years ago.

We're a subsidiary of a durable medical equipment manufacturer, which means we put our pants on one leg at a time. We appreciate style, but we're in the market of substance.

Our Process


We identify the machines and needleworkers necessary to manufacture your prototype and familiarize ourselves with the design, determining the materials, resources, and expertise required.


We depart from discovery with the first draft of your
prototype. It is from here that we fine tune the product, honing the design, materials, and methods until the product is ready for production.


We develop the cost-per-unit, accounting for time, materials & overhead, to arrive at your production cost and go to work on your first order. Need advice on pricing, branding, or marketing? We can assist.

Want to work with us?

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