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About Us​
AT Surgical has been producing high-quality soft orthopedic goods to offer comfort in a wide range of supporting and protective garments since 1974. They maintain good quality control to ensure that the products are not compromised in quality. They use breathable cotton mesh materials for making the surgical adhesive elastic bandage. With an affordable pricing range AT Surgical company offers standard products with the quickest delivery time. We are happy to expand our business with AT Surgical company. While delivering a complete range of top-quality medical braces and orthopedic supports, we manufacture the majority of our goods on-site in the United States on an 85 percent carbon-free hydroelectric grid. Many hard-to-find medical items and orthopedic supports are among our specialties. AT Surgical products are Medicare-approved, and the majority of our items are made of non-invasive soft materials that provide maximum comfort while still providing support to regions that require it.
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AT Surgical company, ensure that you get our services around the world. We accept orders globally and have the ability to send shipments around the globe. We will fulfill orders by telephone for those customers who are located outside the USA and Canada that need to ship internationally. 

AT Surgical company produces prototypes and transfers them for quality checking. Prototyping is based on allowing numerous prototype designs to be built at the same time or one prototype to be updated and remade in a short period of time. After checking the quality we send them to our clients for confirmation.

Production is the process of combining numerous material and immaterial inputs to create a consumable product. We, AT Surgical company, ensure that you get our services around the world. After getting the confirmation from our clients, we start the production.  We can help you to require assistance with marketing.

Pricing your project out

There are a number of ways to compute the cost of building your product, we prefer the old fashion way, lets get to a point where we can make the product from start to finish , with no interruptions and give you a time on making the item and charge you for the time plus materials. If you bring your materials, the project will be less.

I can assist you with suppliers if you need assistance. If you do this by mail, it’s possible but will take longer to get to the cost. I would need to send a finished sample for your approval. Visiting us in lovely Holyoke, the home of Volleyball, would definitely move the process along.

When you come by for your first visit, the first 20 minutes are free. Our billing time is $45 an hour and this breaks down to $0.75 per minute on building your products. This is why we need to make the product to give you a fair price. Keep in mind the more samples we make the faster the product is made the cheaper the cost to you.

Our Testimonials

Travel Bag: RILOS AND MIMI started with one mom reselling products on eBay. When she got to know the market, she identified a niche and hired is to develop a prototype. We manufacture their line of snack bags.
Shop Rilos & Mimmi

There are other pole dance knee pads out there, but only Bee's Knees has it all: hook and loop straps, removable pad inserts, breathable compression mesh, inclusive skin colors, and a range of sizes
Bee's knees
Shop Rilos & Mimmi

AT Surgical has been manufacturing our medical suspension harnesses for close to 30 years. They have done a fantastic job with no quality control issues. The service is excellent with timely delivery.
Charlie Crane

Ring Tug: What started out as a magazine for canine agility training became a movement when Clean Run entered the eCommerce space and began selling the products their staff and their doggos know and love.
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Maine Anti-Gravity Systems

Maine Anti Gravity Systems has been providing support to the medical sector since 1999. Maine Anti Gravity Systems has been providing support to the medical sector since 1992. This technology allows patients to move in new and pain-free ways, restoring mobility, improving wellbeing, and improving physical performance. The SHBD MAGS Suspension Vest, model 695, is a safe and dependable suspension harness for supported walking, unweighting treatment, gait training, stroke, and spinal cord rehabilitation.

Maine Anti Gravity Systems is a medical device firm that specializes in assisting people with walking and gait training. This is the most user-friendly and cost-effective solution for pain-free physical rehab and training. uses  Air to gently and precisely unweight persons from 100 percent to as little as 20% of their body weight in 1 percent increments. With inseam set-points and a smooth-set locking mechanism, height adjustments are simple and quick. Impact and gravity forces are reduced without jeopardizing natural biomechanics.

To achieve this purpose, we specialize in the development and sale of suspension harnesses.