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We would like to introduce you to AT Surgical Company’s unique “Cut and Sew” service for over 40 years. AT Surgical Company has manufactured orthopedic braces supports, foot products, and health care products. It’s been a stable industry for us but we wanted to diversity, so we started to offer our services outside the health supply industry. It has enabled us to grow and pick up additional business and we now make products for pets, and battery cars (windows and seats), as well as bags, sailboat seats, and mobility products for senior citizens, just to name a few.

We are looking for clients to expand their product lines, companies looking for a backup sewing facility, and people who would like to manufacture a stand-alone product and sell them online. All of our production is billed based on time. We begin with a complimentary meet and greet, with the first 20 minutes being free. Once we get into the product construction we start to bill you for sample time at $50 per hour. This is very different than our production rate of $40 per hour. We know how important the pricing can be, so we do our best to explain a few ways to make your products as inexpensive as possible, as well as suggest the fabrics to use.

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Since we do manufacture a pro priority product line, it’s a good way to see what we are capable of making. It’s also noteworthy that we are used to small production runs. Depending on the size of the run, we can offer you a based price based on the hourly rate or give you a price per piece. Why do we offer 2 ways to give you a price? Sometimes the small run is so short, there is always an initial setup. A small run for us would at least 25 pieces. If the items take very little time, we may ask for a larger run for you. We will be able to estimate these run requirements when you send us a picture of your product.

When we start our initial conversation for new production, it’s best that we receive from you image first. The next step is a request for a sample you have made to enable us to inspect the product and confirm we have the proper sewing machines to complete your work. To get you closer to a finished price, we ask you to send us your material as well so we can make a sample. Once this is approved, we ask for additional material, to make more samples to get you a price. It’s best to make more samples because our sewers get faster in their sewing. If at any time you are interested in visiting us, even initially, you are more than welcome. This does speed up the production time considerably.

Our facility has a number of unique machines capable of riveting, snaps, heat application, and fibrining. We also can package your product do labels, and add brochures as inserts. We do offer fulfillment and can ship anywhere around the world.


We identify the machines and needleworkers necessary to manufacture your prototype and familiarize ourselves with the design, determining the materials, resources, and expertise required.


We depart from discovery with the first draft of your prototype. It is from here that we fine tune the product, honing the design, materials, and methods until the product is ready for production.


We develop the cost-per-unit, accounting for time, materials & overhead, to arrive at your production cost and go to work on your first order. Need advice on pricing, branding, or marketing? We can assist.