Pricing your project out

There are a number of ways to compute the cost of building your product, we prefer the old fashion way, lets get to a point where we can make the product from start to finish , with no interruptions and give you a time on making the item and charge you for the time plus materials. If you bring your materials, the project will be less.

I can assist you with suppliers if you need assistance. If you do this by mail, it’s possible but will take longer to get to the cost. I would need to send a finished sample for your approval. Visiting us in lovely Holyoke, the home of Volleyball, would definitely move the process along.

When you come by for your first visit, the first 20 minutes are free. Our billing time is $45 an hour and this breaks down to $0.75 per minute on building your products. This is why we need to make the product to give you a fair price. Keep in mind the more samples we make the faster the product is made the cheaper the cost to you.

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